Sanitizing/Coil Cleaning

We perform Sanitizing and Probiotic Cleaning of the Coils in your HVAC System and Air Ducts in the following places:








Places of Worship


….and Any other Building with an Air Duct System!

Our state-of-the-art cleaning process will leave you breathing easier every day! We take pride in sanitizing your systems to eliminate worry and ensures you are taking in the finest quality air through your HVAC and duct systems. This sanitizing includes removal of any Mold. When mold spores are present in large quantities, they can cause allergic reactions, reparatory problems, and serious health risks to humans.

BAQ now uses Z Bioscience Commercial Probiotic Coil Cleaners!

Probiotic cleaners create a protective layer of good bacteria that are effective on virtually any hard surface where they, maintain a higher level of true clean. Even better, these products are non-toxic and low VOC, providing a sustainable solution. This game-changing approach leverages good bacteria that truly cleans the surface. These products will reduce or eliminate odors creating a healthier environment.

Click here for a full information brochure on the benefits of Z Bioscience products used by Better Air Quality.

BAQ now uses Z Bioscience Commercial Probiotic Coil Cleaners!

Benefits of Z BioScience Probiotic HVAC Coil Cleaners:

  • Increased System Performance
  • Energy Savings
  • Extended Equipment Life Cycle
  • Improved IAQ for Occupant Wellness
  • Applicator Safe and Environmentally Acceptable



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