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Are you finding that you or your employees are experiencing symptoms of illness like a sore throat, headache, or fatigue after spending the day in the building that you work in or manage in Manhattan, NY? If so, your building might be experiencing what is called sick building syndrome, and one of the important ways to counteract this is to have an air duct cleaning from Better Air Quality. While there could be many different causes that lead to a building being labeled as such, we know that different things such as bacteria, pollen, dust, mold, and other contaminants can easily get blown around and affect everyone's health in the ways described. If you suspect you are being affected by sick building syndrome, or are noticing dust or mold accumulation on the vents, contact us today to schedule your air duct cleaning.

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Poor indoor air quality, no matter if it is at your home, in the office, or at other commercial or industrial buildings, can have a significant impact on the health of everyone in the building. Allergies can get stirred up, other respiratory issues can be exacerbated, and a decrease in productivity can all be attributed to poor indoor air quality. We have spent the last 30+ years helping to improve the indoor air quality all over the city in buildings of every size.

As an experienced air duct cleaning company we measure success by the increase in air quality based on our air quality testing. You can expect relief for allergy and asthma sufferers, better productivity from your team, and even cost savings on operating your HVAC system because of the clean air ducts and other areas of the full system.

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Sick building syndrome doesn't have to happen to your building in Manhattan, New York. Our team can help keep your buildings healthy and by extension, keep the people in those buildings healthier. At Better Air Quality, we address all areas of the HVAC system including coils, air handlers, fans, fan housing, and more so that the entire system is clean and not just the air ducts. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and air duct cleaning.

Don't overlook the importance of having clean air in your building! Our community is full of incredible buildings, businesses, apartment complexes, and more. Each with residents and visitors that can benefit from regular air duct cleaning.

In the 1920s, Manhattan experienced large arrivals of African-Americans as part of the Great Migration from the southern United States, and the Harlem Renaissance, part of a larger boom time in the Prohibition era that included new skyscrapers competing for the skyline. Despite the Great Depression, some of the world's tallest skyscrapers were completed in Manhattan during the 1930s, including numerous Art Deco masterpieces that are still part of the city's skyline. Manhattan today is world-renowned for being home to many great businesses and industries. We are proud to serve Manhattan with high-quality air duct cleaning services.

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