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Better Air Quality is proud to serve communities throughout Long Island for a variety of commercial and industrial duct cleaning services. Some of these areas include Bethpage, Hauppauge, Medford, and cities throughout Nassau and Suffolk County. For more information about our service areas in Long Island, view our service areas page.

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Business and Industries in Long Island

Located in the southeastern part of New York State, Long Island is a vibrant region known for its diverse business landscape and thriving industries. Home to a multitude of businesses, Long Island has established itself as a key economic hub within the state. The region boasts a strong industrial presence, with several areas standing out as hotspots for factories, manufacturers, and industrial markets.

One prominent area for industrial activity in Long Island is Hauppauge. With its strategic location and excellent transportation infrastructure, Hauppauge has attracted a significant number of businesses specializing in manufacturing and industrial production. The area is home to a wide range of industries, including electronics, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and medical devices. Hauppauge serves as a prime destination for companies seeking a favorable business environment and access to a skilled workforce.

Another notable industrial center in Long Island is Bethpage. Recognized as a prominent aerospace and defense manufacturing hub, Bethpage hosts numerous companies involved in the production of aircraft components, defense systems, and advanced technology solutions. The presence of major aerospace corporations has led to the growth of a robust supply chain and a skilled workforce dedicated to serving this industry.

Ravenswood Generating Station in Long Island City, NYIn addition to Hauppauge and Bethpage, Long Island as a whole is known for its diverse manufacturing sector. The region encompasses various industries, such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, and consumer goods manufacturing. Long Island's manufacturers benefit from proximity to major markets, a skilled labor force, and access to world-class research and development institutions.

Furthermore, Long Island's industrial markets extend beyond manufacturing, encompassing sectors such as logistics, distribution, and warehousing. With its strategic location between New York City and other major markets, Long Island serves as a critical transportation and logistics hub, facilitating the movement of goods throughout the region.

Long Island, NY

Long Island is a thriving business destination with a diverse range of industries and a strong industrial presence. Hauppauge and Bethpage stand out as key areas with significant concentrations of factories, manufacturers, and industrial markets. From manufacturing and aerospace to logistics and distribution, Long Island provides a favorable environment for businesses to thrive and contribute to the region's economic growth.

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