New York City Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Air Quality in the OfficeAny building in New York City that lacks proper ventilation can easily become the source of a wide range of dangerous and costly problems. Most of the times, the lack of or improper cleaning of the AC, ventilation and heating unit poses a high risks to people inside the building, since it’s only a matter of time until bacteria, mold and dust begin to form. In any building where there’s little to no ventilation, the chances of these contaminants to spread are high and they can wreak havoc on the health of employees. Most of the times, the building owners have poor excuses for not maintaining the ventilation system properly, while others claim it’s too expensive and time consuming.

But as a business owner, you should know that a badly ventilated environment can only negatively affect your employees’ performance. According to the EPA, if the heating and cooling coils of your HVAC gather enough dust and contaminants, not only can these severely reduce its performance, but also pose severe health risks to everyone in the building. As an employer, you probably know that paying sick days is not good for the marketing company in new york.

A second issue you should worry about is the amount of electricity faulty or improperly maintained HVAC systems use. The US Department of Energy released a report in which it was clearly stated that a poorly maintained HVAC system uses between 25% and up to 40% more electricity than one in perfect working order. On top of that, since it’s forced to function for longer hours and at higher capacity, its lifespan is greatly reduced. Don’t be surprised if you do have to change it later on, since that’s what happens to most badly maintained HVAC systems: they fail completely.

Air Duct Cleaning NYIf you want to ensure that won’t be the case with yours and that it’s also not going to cause various respiratory problems to anyone within the building, you’d better get in touch with a certified and professional commercial air duct cleaning service. The professionals at Better Air Quality are fully trained and experienced in HVAC maintenance and therefore it’s recommended you contact them right away if your unit needs urgent repairs.

BAQ is very dedicated to making sure the air quality in your commercial or residential building is as best as possible and they also make sure the NADCA standards are always met. As a conscientious building owner, it’s your duty to ensure an excellent indoor air quality for your employees and clients at all times.

Serving the New York City area for several decades, Better Air Quality managed to prove itself time and time again and earn the respect and loyalty of thousands of customers thanks to its superior approach and excellent quality services. When using our services, customers receive video evidence (before and after) of their HVAC system so they can easily gauge the hard work we’re doing to ensure the IAQ is safe for everyone inside the building. Not only are we happy to help you, your employees and customers breathe a fresher air and stay safe from respiratory conditions, but we also make a difference on the electricity bill.

Over the years, we successfully completed several thousand projects in New York City and greatly improved the production and performance of our clients in sectors like:

  1. Mid-rise and high-rise buildings.
  2. Manufacturing facilities.
  3. High security facilities.
  4. Universities and hospitals.
  5. Critical care facilities.

Better Air Quality is in full compliance with the OSHA and helps protect your health and the environment by using the best EPA registered products.

We strongly recommend you to prioritize the maintenance and cleaning of your commercial building’s HVAC system in New York City by hiring a professional service. To find out more about how we can help improve your building’s air quality, make sure to contact us at today at (631) 379-8282.