Manhattan Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Example of flexible ducting.
Air Duct Cleaning

When it comes to residential and commercial buildings in Manhattan, poor ventilation can easily become the source of many problems. In fact, most of the times the AC, ventilation and heating unit is not cleaned properly and that is when mold, dust and bacteria will form. In time and in the absence of a proper ventilation system, these contaminants are going to spread throughout the building and negatively affect the health of its occupants. As expected, fixing these issues not only takes time, but it’s also very expensive.

Making sure the ventilation is working properly in your commercial building is vital if you want to ensure your employees’ productivity is not hampered. Based on information from the EPA, if enough dust and other contaminants accumulate on the cooling and heating coils of your HVAC, they’ll decrease its efficiency by up to twenty one percent. Not only that, but if someone gets sick, you’ll be forced to pay them sick days.

Another issue with improperly maintained HVAC systems is the amount of electricity they use. According to info from the US Department of Energy, a HVAC system that’s badly maintained will waste between 25 to 40 percent more energy compared to one that benefits from regular maintenance. On top of that, the former’s lifespan is also reduced, so there’s a much higher chance it’ll require replacement much sooner.

In order to reduce the chances of HVAC failure, but also allergies and even severe respiratory infections, you should get in touch with a certified and professional commercial air duct cleaning service. The technicians at BAQ (Better Air Quality) are well trained in maintaining various types of HVAC systems and can be easily contacted if you need to clean your unit.

Air quality is of utmost importance to them and they make sure that the standards set by NADCA are always met. As a building owner or property developer, it falls upon you to make sure the IAQ (indoor air quality) of your premise is good in order to protect inhabitants from respiratory conditions.

air-duct-cleaning-nyBetter Air Quality has been serving the Manhattan area (New York) for many years now and during this time it managed to earn the trust of many commercial business thanks to its high quality work and overall professionalism. Each of our customer receives video evidence of their HVAC system which clearly shows them it’s been cleaned properly and doesn’t pose health risks to anyone in the building. On top of offering you high quality HVAC cleaning services for a low price, we also help you save a lot on energy.

To date, we completed thousands of projects in Manhattan and helped improve the performance and production of all our clients in sectors such as:

  1. Mid-rise and high-rise buildings.
  2. High security facilities.
  3. Manufacturing facilities.
  4. Critical care facilities.
  5. Universities and hospitals.

Better Air Quality complies with OSHA and uses the best EPA registered products in order to fully protect the environment and human health.

We recommend you make cleaning your Manhattan commercial building’s HVAC system a priority and consider it on a regular basis. For more information, don’t hesitate to call BAQ today at (631) 379-8282.