Commercial Air Duct & HVAC Cleaning


If you are an owner or part of the management of a commercial building, I am sure you have heard the common complaints below:

-It is too hot/cold in here!
-There is a lot of dust all over my desk and computer.
-I feel ill inside here!
-My eyes burn while my allergies flare up whenever I enter this building!
-The air conditioning is not really effective in cooling this building!
-Our HVAC equipment is always breaking.
-The energy costs here are too high!
-The ceiling of this room looks filthy!
-Very little air flow can be felt in parts of this building!

If you have heard a bell ring in your mind as you read the complaints above, if they seem way too familiar; then most probably your building’s HVAC systems are dirty!

If you really want to know the extent of dirt in your commercial HVAC systems, and to understand the need for cleaning them, the best approach to use is to take a look inside them.

A dirty HVAC system may lead to the following problems in a commercial building:

-Increased energy costs;
-Higher housekeeping expenses;
-Heightened complaints from your tenants;
-Sick tenants and liability exposure.

Better Air Quality has been cleaning commercial HVAC Systems for over 20 years, we therefore have the experience and the expertise to understand what is REALLY important so as to maximize the indoor-air quality and efficiency of the HVAC system in your commercial building.

We clean all the cooling coils in your HVAC system, re-heat them and drain the pan. This is arguably the best approach for spending the maintenance dollars for your HVAC system; it delivers the highest ROI, or return-on-investment.

Better Air Quality will eliminate all the filthy, air-flow-restricting contaminants that lead to a myriad of problems for commercial HVAC systems. We employ a Pressurized Wet-Cleaning Method — which is a NADCA-Certified cleaning technique — to leave all your coils free of dirt and any microbial contaminants.

We then implement a Coil-Maintenance Program that is designed to maintain the coil system clean and certified. We recommend re-cleaning and re-treating of the coil system using an anti-microbial biocide at least once every year.

Better Air Quality collaborates with you to develop and implement an efficient, strategic, planned and cost-effective cleaning strategy if the duct system in your commercial building is dirty and/or it contains any microbial contaminants.

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