Air Duct Video Inspection



Robotic Video – allows our technicians and customers to take a first-hand look at the amount of contamination inside the ducts and HVAC systems. This state-of-the-art instrument record can document debris and mechanical conditions within air conveyance systems.

Bore scope Inspection – visually inspect the duct interior prior to cleaning each duct section. With just a half-inch hole you can insert a viewing device with a light source and get a 360-degree view of that area.

Sanitizing/Fiberglass Treatment of ACS – sanitizes all nonporous surfaces of internal linings of the ductwork, and all components of the air handlers will be fogged into the system after the ACS cleaning is complete. All biocides used are EPA approved for the deodorizing and sanitizing of the ACS. Encapsulating of porous surfaces such as internally lined fiberglass will be used to treat ACS. Encapsulating fiberglass will prevent it from becoming airborne before it hits occupied space.


NADCA Certified

IICRC Certified

IICR Water Mold
Fire Certified

EPA Lead Safe Certified

EPA Lead Safe

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NYFD Certified
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